Who is Tekin Arhun?

I was born on the 19th February in the year 1968. I graduated from first, middle and senior school in Lefkoşa (Nicosia). From a young age I began work as a clerk in a confection shop with my father. Later on while continuing my education in high school, I opened a new store in addition to the clothing business. Because of intense work and with busy schedules I put university and open education to a side.

Working with a very loving personality formation and to serve my country to be proud of my country I worked in accordance with my request to be a business man, mentioned below by opening businesses and providing jobs for a lot of people I believe I take an outstanding job on behalf of my country.
Tekjen Clothing Industry Ltd.
Increasingly in the direction of becoming a director on the 30th September 1993 I opened ''Tekjen Giyim Sanayi Ltd.'' which was my first clothing Industry. By my work experience within periods through secondary school in the confectionary sector, in the year 1993 I was able to establish a strong business as a professional in manufacturing, import & export. While continuing my work in the clothing sector, I have been working with contractors since 1986 also I have been busy with business affairs to this day.

Tekjen Finance Ltd.
I became a director for my second company which was established on the 6th May 2002 ''Tekjen Finans Ltd.'' Initiative, checks and promissory notes for the financial sector by providing credit facilities for financial distress still falling in many institutions and organizations in my country, by being supportive I have been a big help to people who struggle to stand.

With each day that goes by a little more processes, develops and strengthens, Due to the successes and benefits from today Tekjen Finance Ltd. is a company to be proud of. As I mentioned above, the parties Tekjen finance and / or of firms, received in return for their service the process, post-dated checks are rapidly converted into cash.

Tekjen Construction Ltd.
In 1986 I started contracting work, the name was professionalized in 19/09/2003 and so i became a director to my third company Tekjen Construction Ltd. From approximately 600 to 700 in various parts of the country to private villas, sites, apartments, flats and shops built and as a company we provide many people with a long-term payment plans and have made residential shop owners.

With a staff of 60-70 people who are registered in Tekjen Construction Ltd, there are around 12 services and subcontractors under the name of Tekjen Construction Ltd, to this day Apartments, Flats and penthouses as a home are ready for customers to receive the deeds. On the 18th June 2003 asphalt works and infrastructure in the industry provides services to my country in name of my fourth company and Tekjen Construction, within the C & T Construction Ltd.'s shareholders and directors I've set up I signed a very successful businesses in this area, I have done some work in contracting and build-sell tourism in 2005, for the ministry of environment and culture of Bafra and won an amount of $10,000,000.00 for the usage waste water treatment facility, sewer lines, and the tender of the construction and of the  job, which was completed successfully and on time. Besides these things sub-structure and asphalt works upon Lefkoşa (Nicosia), bolu sokak ecvet yusuf cad and the construction of the junction and tenderness approximately 2,700,00.00 (TURKISH LIRA) for the work done in the recent past.

Tekjen Döviz Ltd.
On the 9th of November in the year 2009 I became another director for my Sixth Company which I founded in the year 2012 and began. 

Tekjen Factoring Ltd.
On 15.04.2009 the seventh from my company Tekjen Factoring Ltd, was brought and added as my business. An application is still very new in our country, and this is also one of the pioneers assume Tekjen Factoring Ltd takes charge against receivables payments, financing, and provides financing for those who want to take advantage of the services.

Kıbrıs Capital Bank Ltd.
On the 1st of June 2012 the cycle of saving deposit insurance, fund and financial stability bought Yeşilada Bank ltd, which is now named Kibris Capital Bank Ltd. I started to operate in conjunction with the banking sector. As of today, our banks central branches of Lefkoşa are located in, Girne branch, Güzelyurt branch, Mağusa branch, and Taşkınköy branches, we have been serving a total of branches and branch offices, the number of branches by the end of the year with nine removing and have been serving our people which will continue to serve in a crystal- clear and  fast manner.  I am the director of all the operating companies in Tekjen finans Ltd, Tekjen Construction Ltd, Tekjen Döviz Ltd, Tekjen Factoring and Capital Bank Ltd.  From time to time, the number of employed workers of around 400 people, now I have around 200 employees working with me and all my companies are still actively working today.

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